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Just what is HaloTherapy?
HaloTherapy is the use of salt vapor to treat respiratory ailments, skin irritations, and to create an overall sense of well-being.

Salt is known to be anti-bacterial, mucolytic (it loosens mucus & phlegm), and anit-inflammatory. Breathing salt vapor takes the healing properties of salt deep into the respiratory system.

Studies show that people with chronic upper respiratory conditions, airborne allergies, sinusitis, and cystic fibrosis derive significant benefits from HaloTherapy.

More than 40 years of research, conducted around the world, shows that treatment with HaloTherapy has beneficial effects for clients with:
  •  Asthma                          
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Chronic ear-nose-throat illnesses
  • Coughs and colds
  • COPD
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Ear Infections
  • Rhinopathy/Hay Fever
  • Sinusitis
  • Smoker’s cough
  • Viral infections
  • Various acute or chronic respiratory diseases 

Salt is also extremely beneficial to your skin in treating:
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Neurodermatitus
  • Psoriasis 

 And Negative ions can dramatically increase your energy, mental alertness and overall sense of well-being.

Our HaloTherapy Salt Room can also be reserved for small groups and showers. We have had dinners, self-defense classes, cooking classes, birthday parties and more.
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  1. Salt Therapy
    Relieve respiratory and skin ailments. Strengthen immune system
  2. Mucus Clearance
    Congestion relief. Rid Passageways of allergens.
  3. Antibacterial
    Kill harmful bacteria. Soothe the respiratory system.
  4. Anit-Inflammatory
    Reduce tissue irritation. Open airways for improved breathing


  1. Managing Director
    Birthday Celebration
  2. Managing Director
    Self Defense Classes
  3. Managing Director
    Group Discussions
  4. Managing Director
    Spooky Cooking w Cultural Revivalists
  5. Managing Director
    Spooky Appletizers
  6. Managing Director
    Salt and Salad w Neighborhood Harvest
  7. Managing Director
    Salt Room Relaxing