Kathleen specializes in Head and Neck Therapies using CranioSacral Therapy and Integrative Massage Therapy. 

I take a proactive step towards health. 
My goal is to keep clients healthy, creating ease and quality of motion. 


Kathleen Duval, LMT


New Locations November 1st

This fall brings changes for me as I move into a Private Practice at the OVERTURE and support their Active Residents and nearby neighbors .
3317 Ocean Shore Ave
I am also sharing office space with other Independent Massage Therapists at Therapeutic Massage Works.
2245 W Great Neck
I still remain as an Independent Licensed Massage Therapist in Private Practice with Calming Waves LLC at both locations.
Currently not available. Call for more information

  HaloTherapy is the use of salt vapor to treat respiratory ailments, skin irritations, and overall sense of well-being.
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  Multiple types of bodywork come together during your massage to relax and release referred discomfort and pain.
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Our approach to your individual wellness is customized through the services and classes we offer. Live Well. Live Better. Live Best.
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