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Calming Waves

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Integrative Massage for Active Living in Virginia Beach VA 23451   


Local Community Resources

  Dr. Charlene Hudson
Virginia Beach Family Osteopathic Medicine
(757) 256-7049

Dr. Don Bresnahan
Cornerstone Chiropractic Center

(757) 491-4600

Dr. Whitney
in8 Chiropractic
(757) 428-2225

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(757) 366-12234

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(757) 351-4650

Lucy Fyfe
CPR/First Aid Certification​
(757) 675-0561

Flower Power 
Cakes, Cupcakes & Pops
(757) 377-7163

Ytevia's OCD Cleaning Services
(757) 472-6614

Yard Perfect
(757) 754-5551

Linda Wheeler
Senior Driving Solutions
(757) 472-9727
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Calming Waves is committed to providing a practice space where Massage Therapists, Health Practitioners, and their clients, can thrive. To find out more about renting space for your practice or for an event, contact Kathleen Duval at (757) 965-9000 or email at [email protected] ​​